It’s no secret. We love tools.  Whether they’re survival knives, pocket-sized EDC knives, kitchen utensils or handy little gadgets that make the dinner party easier, if’s made of steel and carbon, we’re looking at it. Here’s a few that caught our eye today.

Les Stroud Wabakimi

 Les Stroud’s New Helle Knife – the Wabakimi 

Survivorman fans, you’re gonna want to see this; Les Stroud, in conjunction with Swedish knifemaker Helle, created a brand new, rugged survival knife for all your Survivorman-style adventures. The Wabakimi (named after Wabakimi Provincial Park up in Ontaro, where Survivorman himself spent an entire year living off the land) knife is a medium-sized knife designed to be exceptionally well-balanced and be worn on your hip. The ergonomic handle is cut of curly birch (Helle’s go-to for knife handles), and the blade is a 3.3” drop point made of Helle’s Triple Laminated Stainless Steel. The blade and handle are attached to each other with a three-quarter partial tang.

If backwoods survival is your thing, the Wabakimi has you covered.

New West Knifeworks Wine key

New West Knifeworks Farfalli Fibra Carbon Fiber Wine Key

This may not be a knife, but everything New West Knifeworks makes is a work of art. Which is why we might be willing to drop $159 on a wine key. Made in Managio, Italy, with a handle of solid carbon fiber, it’s a robust, professional grade tool for serious sommeliers; it’s also extremely light. The double-hinge design gives it enough leverage for pulling corks straight without breaking or bending, and the 420 hardened steel blade and corkscrew are just as rugged. Like wine? This is the tool you need.

Wusthof Gourmet Burger Knives

Wusthof Gourmet Burger Knives

A dedicated burger knife definitely sounds just a little bit silly, but Wusthof certaintly thinks its worth creating. These Gourmet Burger Knives have wide, rounded tips for spreading sauces and condiments (gotta love that mayochup on your burger), as well as serrated tips for slicing (you know, onions and stuff). The high-carbon stainless blades have been laser cut for precision and long-lasting performance, and the plastic handles are tripled-riveted. If you love cooking your own burgers (or any kind of sandwich, really) as much as we do, these Wusthof knives make an excellent addition to the kitchen.

Fallkniven A1

Fallkniven A1

Fallkniven, like Helle, hails from Sweden, where there are strong traditions in both metalworking and the outdoor life. For this reason, the A1 is another fine survival knife that will survive a lifetime of heavy use. It may not like fancy – looking more like a Ka-Bar than anything – but features a laminated VG10 steel blade for toughness, paired with an ultra-smooth and tough Kratom handle with a full-tang all the way through the handle for durability. The blade also comes with a black CeraKote coated option, if you prefer the look of matte black with no reflections. Weighs 319 grams and comes with a black leather sheath.