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Dude I Want That | Fuze Card Smart Credit Card

Hi, this is Dee, with Gear For Life’s blog, and we are here to discuss the Fuze Card. The Fuze Card is a smart card. It’s a digital, lightweight card that holds 30 other credit cards, or access cards, or gift cards….Dude I Want That!

This card allows you to add those credit cards via the smart phone app. This card comes with a charger, and a swipe that plugs into your phone. It’s a card reader. It is currently being developed on Indiegogo. The first batches of cards are set to ship in July, and the second batch is in September, and these are the cards without the EMV chip. The cards with the EMV chip are set to ship January of 2018, and EMV chip, which is short for Europay, Mastercard, Visa, which is the global standard for electronic pay. This card is kind of like smart phone pay services, like Google Pay or Apple Pay.

What’s really cool about this card is it contains all the information on it. It doesn’t put it on your smart phone or on a server. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth. For regular uses, it will hold a charge for around 30 days. It is just as flexible as a card, and it is water resistant. The card has been fully developed with IOS and FCC certifications, which means that it’s secure, and trusted globally.

By ordering this card, now, in the pre-orders, all of the pre-orders start at $79. When the card is officially released, its pricing will start at 160. It has a remote wipe, which means if you ever lose the card, it can wipe all the data that’s on it. It has location tracking, which if it gets too far from your phone, you will be notified.….Dude I Want That!

The Fuze Card has a built-in screen, to allow for barcode scanning, and so you can select different cards. It has toggle buttons, and a power on and off. This card is also great for one-time uses, so say you’re at a restaurant, and you hand the card to the waiter, you select a single account for use, and when the card is outside the Bluetooth range, it will allow that transaction to go, and it will automatically lock itself afterwards, until you get the card back.

The toggle buttons allow you to switch between cards easily with the display. Even though this card is not officially out yet, they have completed several successful, real life tests, and heard no complaints. You can add ID cards, point cards, membership cards. The ID cards will only work with the model that comes with the EMV, but there are models that don’t come with that, that just allow the simple swipe, like a credit card.

This card is an all-in-one smart card that incorporates a magnetic strip and NFC, Bluetooth, EMV technology, to merge your bank, loyalty membership accesses, into all one single card. It was created by BrilliantTS, a group of individuals with years of experience developing this card.

The card without the EMV chip does not support NFC technology, so if you want to use it as an ID or an access card, you have to get the one with the EMV chip in it. It’s the exact same size as a normal credit card. It’s just as flexible. It is water resistant. It ways only six grams, which is amazing.

It has an app that you can download on your Android or your iPhone, so it can easily be used with your phone. It connects to the app via Bluetooth. The app will offer you separation alert and the ability to add or remove cards, and they will be adding more features to the app in the future.

If you’re worried about your information being out on a server or somewhere, all payment information will be stored on an encrypted chip on the card. It will never be stored on a server or on your phone. When you order it now, you’re not just pre-ordering. You will be help building the device, and they need to know how many they need to start production with, which is why the wait. It is currently in development.

You can set a passcode, with the three buttons it has on it. You can set up to a six button combination passcode. The charger that comes with it will also hold one additional charge, so if you forget to charge the actual charger, it will still be able to charge your phone one time, after it’s fully charged.….Dude I Want That!

There are currently three different options. You have the first base model, which is the card without the electronic chip in it, the EMV, and that one will be shipped in July or September, depending on how soon you order it. Then you have the next one up, which will be the one with the chip in it, and that will be shipped January of 2018, or if you don’t want to wait and you still want the chip, they have an option to get the one without the chip, in July or September, and they will send you an additional one in January.

This is one step towards the future that our wallets have been waiting for, and it is finally time it’s here. It will make your wallet a lot thinner and more secure, without compromising the security, I mean.

The Fuze card will retail, when they officially come out, for 160 to $210, depending on the version. They are offering it right now, in pre-orders, for so cheap, because of the wait, and because of the community backing.

I, myself, look forward to owning one of these in the future.

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