Pool is a classic. There are few better ways to spend an evening than unwinding with friends over a drink and a few games of billiards. But if you’ve always felt that the classic wooden pool table doesn’t really fit your own personal style, then you should look at some of 11 Ravens’ designs; they make custom, modern game tables that are guaranteed to work in any decor.

Our personal first choice would be Theseus.  This is the modern pool table you’ve been waiting for – crafted from lightweight but sturdy modern materials – such as carbon fiber, acrylic and aircraft-grade aluminum – and finished with your choice of lacquer, stain, veneer, laminate or even traditional cloth. It’s an undeniably modern piece that looks right at home in a more-modern room – the perfect way to play an old-time game without feeling like it belongs in a damp basement.

What other kind of game tables does 11 Ravens make? Ping pong tables, shuffleboard, air hockey, poker and blackjack – you want it, they make it. A few more that stand out to us are the Avettore billiards table, which has an aerodynamic design that kind of looks like a Lamborghini and has the color scheme to boot; and the Cabaret ping pong table, which to our eyes looks to be made of pure white acrylic (you’ll have to check with them to confirm). There’s also the new Stealth – a sweet, jet-black table modeled after the Stealth Bomber but boasting an aluminum and carbon fiber build.

Most of them use Chemetal surfaces – metal laminates that give you the ability to use almost any kind of shiny finish available. Others use Treefrog, a pre-finished, real wood laminate that is ultra-thin, shiny and stress-resistant. We don’t know all the technical details, but we do know they look sweet. Many are even convertible, changing from a pool table to ping pong table to dining table and centerpiece in about 30 seconds.

Every single one is built to order to your own specs and depending on how much customization you want done and the materials you want to use, it could cost you anywhere from $13,000 to $50,000 for a table. At least they’re all made in the USA. They’ll definitely make some pretty great centerpieces.

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