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10 Best Whiskey Glasses: So What’s at Your Home Bar?

We take our whiskey pretty seriously here at Gear for Life. There’s nothing more relaxing at the end of a long day,  than unwinding over a tall glass of scotch and bourbon – whether neat, straight up or on the rocks.  And if you care about your whiskey as much as we care about ours –  you’re going to be drinking good quality whiskey –  then there’s no disputing you ought to be drinking it in a serious quality glass. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of some of best whiskey glasses.

There’s a reason whiskey-specific glasses exist. Drinking whiskey from a regular glass (or a wine glass) often leads to nose-burn and choking on the whiskeys’ aromas (or if you’re going cheap – fumes). But a whiskey-specific designed glass opens up the aromas, allows them to mix with air before hitting your noise – and giving you a full and rich taste. Smell is a huge part of taste, and if you aren’t getting it right – you aren’t getting the whole experience.

Another interesting thing to note, is that the shape of the glass can also effect how warm it becomes – based on how you hold it. If you hand is wrapped tightly around it, you could find yourself warming up your whiskey.

There’s a great and nearly unlimited supply of whiskey glasses out there to choose from, but to make things easier for you, we’ve combed through them all. Here’s our take:




One of the most popular glasses in connoisseur circles, The Neat Experience Whiskey Glass is definitely one of the most. Interesting and unique glasses you’ll find on our list. It handcrafted and mouth-blown, and the unique shape helps eliminate nose-burn and numbness whiskeys, while concentrating the aroma – meaning you get the full flavor and experience without choking it down. It is also 100% lead-free.


This very popular glass is designed specifically for Canadian Whiskey, and has an exceptionally wide bowl, that allows you to see the whiskey’s full color, and a large, solid base that makes it easy and comfortable to hold. It is designed to concentrate the aroma at the bottom of the glass, and then open up as the glass is tilted back to truly appreciate the smell.  If you’re looking for a premium glass for your Canadian whiskey, this is the one. There is even a Maple Leaf etched into the bottom of the glass.

Final-Touch-On-The-Rock Front View


The On The Rock whiskey from Final Touch is perfect if you like your whiskey chilled, as it includes a silicone mold for creating perfectly round ice cubes to keep your whiskey cool. The large cube lasts longer than traditional cubes, while the rounded shape of the glass and point sticking up make rolling the cube around easy without any spilling. The Final Touch is a classy and luxurious glass for any whiskey.


The Corkcicle is designed to chill your whiskey, without watering it down and affecting the flavor.  It has a silicone wedge mold for creating ice wedges that last much longer than traditional molds. Simply fill the glass with water while the mold is inserted, and place it in the freezer. When it’s ready to go, pull it out and pour in the whiskey of your choice. It will stay cooler much longer than with regular ice cubes.



This lovely and uniquely modern whiskey glass from Swedish glassmaker Orrefors has a drop of color in the stem of each individual glass, that makes it a truly unique and one-of-a-kind addition to your set; no two Intermezzo glasses will be the same. It is designed by Swedish artist  Erika Lagerbielke and brings some modern, minimalist European design to the table. It is dish-washer safe and made from lead-free crystal.



This unique whiskey glass is inspired by the Alps’ most famous mountain, the Matterhorn. Made from crystal, it features a glass mini-representation of the mountain in the bottom of the glass, for a truly eye-catching sip of whiskey. It’s a glass that looks just as good sitting on the shelf…as it does full of drink.

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass_Front-View


Looking for something a little more durable? This classic Old-Fashioned style whiskey glass from Schott Zwiesel is made in Germany from Tritan-crystal glass, a combination of titanium and zirconium oxide that is lead-free, tough as nails and as resistant to breaking, chipping and dropping as a glass can be. It’s a sturdy, durable glass –  and downright good-looking.



Designed in Los Angeles by Nate Cotterman, the Cube Glass chills whiskey without the need for additional ice cubes. Simply stick the glass in the fridge for a while, and the glass sphere built into the bottom of the glass will keep your whiskey cool enough for drinking for hours at a time. It’s bit pricey compared to other whiskey glasses on this list, but with that classy appearance, you know it’s going to look great in your collection.

Lowball Best Whiskey Glass


If you REALLY want to splurge on some seriously good whiskey tumblers, check out the Lowball, a whiskey tumbler that is actually CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum and imparted with a sweet, futuristic look. The inside has an intricate hourglass shape that is perfect for opening up your whiskey’s aromas, while the Lowball’s unique design makes it exceptionally ergonomic and easy to hold, with the gradient pattern for extra grip. It’s also got a completely inert coating to keep your whiskey from being contaminated by the metal in any way. The Lowball costs $280, but who’s counting?



Simple, elegant and timeless, these 6” tumblers from Glassblower Ben is perfect for a straight-up glass of cold whiskey. Glassblower Ben glasses are handmade and mouth-blown artisan glasses, crafted entirely in New Orleans.  They can be completely customized with a personal stamp or text, such as a skull, fleur de lis or even a honeycomb. Classic enough for any drink but personal enough for some individual character, too.

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