Cycling, skiing, or snowboarding without a helmet is something you should never do because the consequences can be severe. But how to find the best helmets for outdoor adventures?

Well, we did the legwork for you and scoured the web, searching for the highest-rated models.

Ultimately, the list boiled down to the top ten helmets for an active lifestyle in 2022 and beyond. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride!


Before we move on to individual reviews of the best helmets for cycling, EV riding, or skateboarding, we should first check out the factors we used for evaluating the candidates. After all, the following elements are essential for separating the best from the rest before purchasing.


A helmet’s purpose is to protect us from head injuries. Thus, finding the safest model is essential. Nowadays, helmet manufacturers install various systems to reduce rotational damage, including the famous MIPS technology. For that reason, we checked the safety ratings of the best helmets in 2022.


Although aesthetics are not the priority, and they should never stand shoulder to shoulder with safety, we also checked the design of the best helmets for urban explorers and outdoor enthusiasts. After all, most people purchase items depending on the looks, and high-end helmets for cycling, skateboarding, or skiing should feature an eye-catching and modern design.


Nowadays, helmet manufacturers have a variety of advanced materials at their disposal. As a result, bike helmets are lighter than ever, which also goes for other sports and activities. Likewise, modern helmets are more resilient and durable than ever. Of course, we evaluated this aspect when preparing our best helmets list to find products that will last a lifetime.


Unless you are among the lucky multimillionaires reading these lines, then the chances are you don’t have an unlimited budget at your disposal. Therefore, look for helmets that provide the best price to value ratio. Of course, the most expensive models should give the best protection, but do not be quick to dismiss budget-friendly helmets for skiing, MTB riding, or skateboarding.


To start the list in style, let’s visit the leader in the helmet-making world. After all, Giro is a massive brand with over 30 years of experience designing iconic helmets and other sports accessories. For instance, the legendary Aerohead model in 1989 changed Tour de France forever, and the freshly introduced Giro Disciple Mips Helmet aspires to attract an army of followers as well.

The Disciple is all about providing maximum protection, and the hard-shell construction will allow riders to explore their limits while feeling safer than ever. Of course, the built-in Multi-directional Impact Protection (MIPS) boosts security and injury prevention. The MIPS slip-plane reduces rotational forces and protects brain tissue by collaborating with the Disciple’s adjustable fit system.

Currently, the cool-looking GIRO Disciple is only available in matte black. However, it doesn’t need any other colors because the all-black version looks fantastic. The Disciple also features a chin bar lined with vinyl nitrile, a flexible material that absorbs energy.

In addition, we should also mention the XT2 pure silver padding, which provides this snowboarding helmet with permanent anti-odor protection. As expected, this high-class helmet offers seamless compatibility with goggles and face masks. Likewise, the integrated POV camera mount offers hassle-free filming.


The second entry on our list of the best helmets comes from another high-profile name. Founded in 1975, Oakley is among the leaders in sports performance equipment and accessories. Arguably, the company is most famous for its premium sunglasses and goggles, but helmets for skiing or cycling are also at your disposal. For example, the Oakley MOD5 snow helmet ticks all boxes for being one of the best on the market.

Traditionally, Oakley designs sports gear for active men and women who demand the ultimate performance levels. Well, that’s why the MOD5 model features a sleek design combined with extra sturdy construction. It might come at a relatively higher price, but this helmet offers everything you could need for your skiing or snowboarding adventures.

Since Oakley offers five color combinations, you should have no problems matching the MOD5 to your style. More importantly, this model provides top-drawer protection because it features an optional MIPS integration.

Likewise, Oakley MOD5 features a fully adjustable BOA system for a secure and snug fit. For instance, the magnetic Fidlock buckle works like a charm even if you are wearing extra bulky winter gloves.

As expected from Oakley, this premium snow helmet also features interchangeable brims, removable liner/earpads, and adaptable ventilation. Excellent anti-fog performance is also valuable for anyone interested in hitting the slopes while wearing the MOD5.


If motorcycles are your passion, investing in a dependable helmet can be a life-saving decision. So, that’s why we present the cool-looking GDM DK-120 helmet, a high-quality model with plenty of innovative features. For those unfamiliar with the name, we should say that GDM is a young California-based company offering motorcycle apparel, helmets, and communication accessories.

Speaking of communication, we should also mention that the DK-120 model features an integrated HYPERSONIC Intercom headset. The system relies on Bluetooth 5.0 technology to offer riders hands-free calling or listening to music. Plus, the headset allows listening to GPS navigation audio thanks to built-in stereo speakers. The intercom has a 12-hour talk time capacity or 120 hours of standby.

Besides the interactive elements, the eye-catching GDM DK-120 motorcycle helmet comes equipped with the latest safety systems. For instance, the composite poly-alloy shell is lightweight yet resilient. Also, it works in combo with a washable and removable liner and cheek pads.

Thus, the DK-120 model will provide maximum protection while being as comfortable as modern helmets get. In addition, we should also mention that GDM includes two interchangeable shields into the package, together with a helmet bag and a USB charging cable for the communication system.


The following entry comes from a family-owned business passionate about the active lifestyle, cycling, and traveling. As such, TeamObsidian boasts exceptional customer service, creative designs, and well-built products. One such model is the sleek TeamObsidian Airflow bike helmet, regarded by many as the best budget-friendly cycling helmet of 2022.

The Airflow helmet stands above the rest because it features a proprietary Skeleton construction molded in a 3-step process. In essence, the structure comprises three layers, including an exterior shell, a skeleton, and interior foam. Even so, the helmet is ultra-lightweight, with an overall weight of only 0.6 pounds.

TeamObsidian Airflow is ideal for recreational cyclists because it offers top-notch shock absorption and excellent airflow for an affordable price. The aerodynamic shape will reduce drag and help you record faster times on the track, with the 22 oversized vents guiding the wind across the head.

So, if you are in love with triathlon, MTB riding, or road cycling, the Airflow helmet could be right up your alley. Even a daily commute will be much safer if you have this helmet on your head. Best of all, the Airflow comes equipped with a detachable visor, washable pads, and a cushioned chin strap for maximum comfort and ease of use.


Established in 2015, OutdoorMaster is a relatively young company, but it has already attracted plenty of attention worldwide. The brand focuses on creating affordable outdoor products supported by technological innovation and nature-oriented components. In a way, the versatile OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet is the perfect example of this philosophy.

Available in more than ten color combinations, this model is the chameleon of the sports helmet world. More importantly, the helmet’s classic shape allows users to practice various sports and ride multiple devices, such as scooters, skateboards, roller skates, BMXs, or MTBs.

The essential element to OutdoorMaster’s flexibility is the innovative dial on the chin strap. It provides hassle-free usage, maximum comfort, and a snug fit. Meanwhile, two removable liners ensure a comfortable fit around the head.

Of course, we should mention that OutdoorMaster Multi-Sport Helmet has seals of approval from CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). Therefore, the riders will receive premium head protection, given that the helmet provides excellent impact resistance and shock-absorbing properties.

In addition, the Multi-Sport helmet from OutdoorMaster will also help you cool down since it features 12 air vents for seamless airflow.


Now it’s time for something to blow traditional helmets out of the water. Yes, we are talking about the attention-grabbing Lumos Matrix, an intelligent helmet for urban explorers. Lumos is another young brand, but this Boston-based startup is also making waves in the industry. After the highly successful Kickstart model, the Matrix could take Lumos to the next level.

Aside from a hefty price tag, Lumos Matrix has zero flaws. The minimalist design provides this helmet with a sleek and futuristic aesthetic, and you’ll never go unnoticed while cruising through town with the Matrix on your head.

Unlike the classic bike helmets, Lumos Matrix has two LED panels. The customizable 7×11 RGB display on the rear allows riders to activate turn signals and notify other participants in the traffic. On the other hand, the LED panel on the front ensures visibility and boosts security by alerting oncoming motorists. Best of all, the LED modules on the Matrix helmet allow for 360-degree visibility because of their curvy design.

Designed for safe movement in the urban setting, Lumos Matrix raises the bar for safety and head protection. In addition, this helmet packs plenty of cutting-edge technologies, including Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility. So, you can effortlessly sync your rides with Strava or Apple Health.

Even though Lumos Matrix has automatic brake lights and offers up to 1,000 lumens of brightness, the battery can last up to ten hours. Admittedly, the 1800mAh lithium polymer battery will require around five hours for a full charge.


As far as the best MTB helmets go, many agree that the OUWOR MTB helmet offers the best price to value ratio. After all, this affordable model comes equipped with many features while remaining a low-cost option. Most importantly, the sturdy OUWOR mountain bike helmet will give you the ultimate protection on steep or rocky terrain.

So, what makes it so appealing to modern MTB riders? For starters, it looks excellent, and it comes in a range of colors. But, the aesthetic aspects are not the central aspect here, given that the OUWOR MTB helmet features a durable PC shell and a premium EPS foam.

As a result, this bike helmet reduces the risk of head injuries. Also, we should mention that it complies with the US CPSC standard for cycling safety.

Lightweight and aerodynamic, the OUWOR mountain bike helmet offers excellent airflow thanks to 16 vents. Plus, it has a detachable visor, a comfortable chin pad, and a quick-release buckle on the chin strap. So, even with long-distance cycling, the ventilated OUWOR helmet will get the job done.


Yes, we already had one Giro helmet on the list, but this brand more than deserves another mention. As we said, Giro is among the elite names in the sports gear market. The company’s attention to detail is exquisite, and it often results in breathtaking products. For instance, the aerodynamic Giro Vanquish is the best road cycling helmet money can buy in 2022.

Namely, this model features the state-of-the-art TransformAir design, which reduces drag and streamlines airflow. As such, the Vanquish cycling helmet is an excellent option for pro riders because improved efficiency can play a crucial role in a race. Giro Vanquish also features an aerodynamic magnetic vivid shield produced by Zeiss.

Speaking of airflow, we should also mention that this helmet offers excellent ventilation thanks to wind tunnel vents with internal channeling. Overall, Giro Vanquish weighs only 350 gr, making it one of the lightest cycling helmets on the market. Nonetheless, it offers top-drawer head protection because Giro takes no chances with head safety.

So, you’ll be glad to hear that Giro Vanquish features in-mold construction with four polycarbonate elements interlocked into a hardbody shell. On top of that, this helmet comes equipped with MIPS technology integrated with the famous Roc Loc Air technology. On the inside, the Vanquish has a comfortable EPS liner to provide a snug and secure fit during high speeds and long-distance riding.


Believe it or not, Lazer has more than a century of experience, given that the company was founded in 1919. So, it’s not surprising to see this brand among the best. Lazer creates high-end helmets for road and off-road cycling thanks to its tremendous expertise and heritage. For instance, the classy Lazer Blade+ is a safe bet for anyone interested in setting new records and riding their bicycle like a pro.

The upgraded Blade+ helmet combines exceptional performance with a sleek design. Namely, this model has a narrow shape that works like a charm in a combo with the innovative Rollsys retention system. Thus, you can expect a snug and secure fit at all times.

As for ventilation, the advanced Lazer Blade+ relies on 22 vents to provide maximum airflow and keep you cool. Thanks to the semi-hollow design, this cycling helmet weighs only 260 gr, making it among the lightest out there. In addition, we should also mention that the Blade+ helmet offers compatibility with Lazer accessories.


Here we present another next-gen helmet that aspires to push the limits and lead the helmet market into the new era. Specifically, Sena Momentum EVO is a smart helmet designed to provide comfort, protection, and functionality.

In essence, the EVO series is the upgraded version of Sena’s Momentum helmet, with enhanced performances and better aesthetics. For example, the EVO model has an oval-shaped fiberglass shell for diminished wind noise and top-quality injury prevention.

Since Sena Momentum EVO is a modern motorcycle helmet, seeing an integrated intercom system is not surprising. Namely, the Mesh 2.0 technology offers an optimal speaker position, allowing you to communicate effortlessly even at high speeds. Of course, Bluetooth connectivity is there to connect the helmet with your phone or other devices.

Besides interactivity, this full-face helmet provides ultimate safety and protection. The dependable D-ring strap secures the EVO helmet in place during the wildest motorcycle rides. As expected, Sena Momentum EVO also has an anti-fog lens and an optional smoke shield.

11. 100X Helmets LLC 100X Alpha Bullriding Helmet Black
100x Alpha Bullriding Helmet

Last but not least, we present the first helmet specifically designed for bull riding. Until now, riders were having to repurpose hockey, or even football helmets to protect their noggin at the local county fair rodeo!

The 100x is made from two piece ABS long fiber plastic and utilizes a titanium face mask or “cage” to keep the weight down. The padding is a dual density EPP for comfort…and there are 5 sizing sliders to allow it to be dialed in for ultimate comfort. The last thing anyone wants to worry about when holding on for to a bucking bull is whether their bull riding helmet is comfortable.


As you can see, the best helmets for active men and women in 2022 come in various shapes, sizes, and at several price ranges. Hence, it’s almost impossible to choose a universal model to rule them all.

However, it seems that Giro Vanquish and Oakley MOD5 are ahead of the competition, although by a narrow margin. These two models have everything you could need to protect your head during various activities, such as cycling, skiing, snowboarding, or skateboarding. Then again, each of the ten models on our list offers top-drawer performances, so don’t hesitate with ordering.