Electric scooters are the latest trend in urban transportation, primarily because these portable units are cost-effective and fun. E-scooters require minimal hassle; just hop and go.

Then again, not all electric scooters are the same, and some offer a better riding experience than others. For that reason, we tested dozens of models to find the top ten e-scooters money can buy in 2022.

So, let’s take them for a quick ride around the town.


We listed the scooters in no particular order, but here’s how we separated the best from the rest. Also, the following checklist can serve as a guide for aspiring buyers looking to buy a new electric scooter.


First, we looked at the overall design to see if the scooter is compact, functional, and easy to use. The aesthetic aspects also played a part in the evaluation process, and we only had eyes for the most elegant electric scooters. Plus, we looked if the designers incorporated neat details like turn lights, folding mechanisms, and informational displays.


Modern e-scooters provide an exciting riding experience, but only if they have sufficient power to climb up the hills and take you from point A to point B. Thus, we checked the performances to see if the motors and batteries provide high mileage and top speeds. Likewise, we compared acceleration, responsiveness, and battery capacities.


While kick scooters might look flimsy, the modern electric scooters are durable and rugged. Nonetheless, we double-checked the materials and the overall structure to find the sturdiest. Plus, we looked at the tires, suspensions, and handlebars.


E-scooters vary from cheap to expensive. Thus, finding the ideal model depends on your budget and travel needs. We looked at various price points to determine whether the selected e-scooters offer the best price to value ratio.


Even though Pure Electric stepped onto the scene in 2018, it has already climbed to the top. This UK retailer specializes in e-bikes and electric scooters, and some of its models are now in their second iteration. For instance, the bestselling Pure Air Pro is an affordable yet high-quality electric scooter that attracts attention from riders worldwide.

This award-winning model has a reliable 500W motor to improve acceleration and top speed. The rear-wheel engine has three power modes and offers a maximum velocity of 15.5 mph. When combined with its powerful battery, Pure Air Pro’s motor promises a decent range of 31 miles. On average, the battery takes up to 8.5 hours to charge. So, if you leave the scooter plugged in overnight, it will be ready to take you to work the next day.

Like most electric scooters in 2022, Pure Air Pro also relies on regenerative braking technology. Thus, you can use energy returns to power up the cells and eke out a few more miles. The 10-inch wheels with air-filled tires will handle bumps with no problem, increasing the distance and providing a comfortable ride.

Pure Air Pro weighs only 16.4 kg and has a 120kg load limit. In addition, this well-designed electric scooter has an IP65 water-resistance rating, allowing you to ride it through mud and rain. But, of course, the best thing about the Pure Air Pro scooter is the wallet-friendly price.


Founded in 1999, Segway is a legendary brand and a pioneer in the world of two-wheeled personal transporters. The company’s headquarters are in New Hampshire, even though Chinese enterprise Ninebot acquired Segway in 2015. The change of ownership also brought a shift in product lines, and the elegant Segway Ninebot KickScooter Max illustrates the new philosophy.

Yes, it costs almost two times more than the previous model on the list, but KickScooter Max promises 18.6 mph as the top speed. Likewise, this electric scooter has a 40.4-mile range and climbs 20% hill grades with no hassle.

Although the motor’s nominal power is ‘only’ 350W, this e-scooter will get you places and speed up when needed. Most importantly, it uses big-capacity 551Wh lithium batteries and regenerative brake systems.

Segway Ninebot KickScooter Max is ready to go in six hours using fast charging. Once on the street, the 10-inch pneumatic wheels absorb uneven terrain, and the self-healing tires handle punctures without deflation. The KickScooter Max e-scooter has three riding modes (Eco, Standard, and Sports), and you can change the settings via a bright LED dashboard.


The third entry on our list promises to ‘take you further’ since it perfectly combines practicality and beauty. It comes from a brand you’ve all heard of, given that Xiaomi ranks among the leading names in consumer electronics and computer hardware. Founded in 2010, this Chinese conglomerate also manufactures high-end electric scooters, such as the Pro 2 model.

Although the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 e-scooter has 8.5-inch pneumatic tires, it will provide excellent riding comfort because they are robust and puncture-resistant. Yet, the only downside to this electric scooter is the relatively shorter range because the Mi Pro 2 promises around 28 miles on a full charge.

On the other hand, this e-scooter has one of the most powerful engines on the market. Namely, the electric motor generates 600W, propelling this nippy scooter to the top speed of 15.5 miles per hour within seconds. The secret lies in a lightweight, aerospace-grade aluminum body.

Like most competitors, Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 offers three riding modes, with an effortless change of settings. As expected, this electric scooter also relies on energy recovery, and it features an upgraded system of harnessing kinetic energy.

We should also mention a modern, multifunctional dashboard displaying real-time data. Also, Xiaomi offers a dedicated app for scooter riders, allowing you to customize riding modes and track your movement.


We’ll visit a young company in Montreal, Canada, to check out our next contender for the best e-scooter in 2022. After a massive success with Phantom and Ghost, Apollo refreshed the City model and brought it back new and improved. However, Apollo City 2022 is yet to hit the streets because the first shipments should arrive in early June.

Nevertheless, this electric scooter deserves a spot on the list. It comes in two versions, the standard City and City Pro. If you opt for the more expensive Pro model, you’ll get a dual 500W motor, delivering a jaw-dropping 38-mile range. Likewise, Apollo promises this beast will speed along the streets at 32 miles per hour!

So, Apollo City Pro 2022 could be among the fastest electric scooters in 2022. Then again, it’s also one of the most expensive. Conversely, the standard Apollo City has a single 500W motor, weighs only 57 pounds, and offers an impressive range of 30 miles. This version also features a triple-spring suspension system, providing a smooth and comfy ride over any terrain.

Apollo City e-scooters also use regenerative braking and have self-healing tires. The display integrated into the handlebar is bright and informative, with an anti-glare coating. So, if you need a premium electric scooter, Apollo City 2022 is a safe bet.


Now we’ll go to Oakland, California, to visit an ambitious startup on a mission to free the people from transport frustrations. Established in 2018, Unagi boasts of designing the ‘finest electric scooter.’ In addition, Unagi introduced a revolutionary rental program to enable everyone to use electric scooters for the price of a cup of coffee.

Since it is available in six colors, the eye-catching Unagi Model One will impress wherever the adventure takes you. This e-scooter requires only one click to fold, making it user-friendly and convenient. Unlike most manufacturers, Unagi opted for magnesium alloy handlebars because this material is 33% lighter than aluminum.

The Unagi Model One weighs 26 pounds, so this e-scooter is among the most portable electric scooters in 2022. It has 7.5-inch tires, saving space in your car’s trunk.

Power-wise, Unagi Model One comes in two versions: a 500W dual motor or a 350W single motor. Both options include three riding modes: Eco, Standard, and Pro. In both cases, the 72000 mah lithium-ion battery should provide around 15.5 miles of range. As for the price of about $1000, Unagi Model One falls within the mid-range electric scooters.


Founded in 2009, Inokim is among the oldest brands on this list. First known as MyWay, this Israeli company sells its products in more than 30 countries and grows in popularity daily. In Japanese, the word ‘inokim’ means speed, so it’s no surprise to see Inokim’s electric scooters flying down the streets of many big cities.

Then again, Inokim offers something more than just fast electric scooters. For instance, the sturdy Inokim Ox is a ‘heavy-duty beast,’ ready to tackle rough and uneven terrains. This scooter handles urban and off-road areas without problems thanks to its advanced suspension and rugged 10-inch pneumatic tires. Moreover, you can choose between the high and low positions of the suspension system.

Although it has a powerful 1000W gearless, brushless motor, the Ox is not the fastest electric scooter you can find. The top speed is around 15.5 mph, more than enough for commuting and other urban activities. If you ride in the Eco mode, this super-comfy scooter will offer an excellent range of 68 miles.

Of course, Inokim Ox features high-quality disc brakes in the rear, while the front wheel has drum brakes. Thi electric scooter has an IPX4 rating, making it ideal for urban people with an outdoorsy spirit and an uncontrolled adrenaline addiction.


If you are looking for a budget-friendly electric scooter, the award-winning Swagger 5 Elite from Swagtron could be right up your alley. After all, this city commuter costs $399, making it one of the most affordable e-scooters in 2022.

We should mention that Swagtron comes from Indiana, US, for those unfamiliar with the brand. The company manufactures various electric rideables, from e-bikes and scooters to skateboards and hoverboards. Yet, the well-rounded Swagger 5 Elite City Commuter is their best-selling product.

This electric scooter offers a 12-mile range per charge, with a maximum load of 320 pounds. The scooter weighs only 26 pounds, ranking it among the lightest 2022. For that reason, this model reacts swiftly to the throttle, accelerating rapidly up to the maximum of 18 miles per hour.

Compared to other electric scooters on our list, the Swagger 5 Elite soccer has the weakest motor. Swagtron opted for a 250W brushless engine, confident that commuters don’t need to ride faster than 15-16 miles per hour when going to work. Overall, this electric scooter offers a decent ride quality, meeting most users’ needs.


The next contender for the top spot is a relatively new kid on the block, given that Slidgo announced this model in January 2021. Nevertheless, the well-designed Slidgo X8 Electric Scooter has attracted plenty of attention since it stepped onto the scene.

Namely, this model features a two-battery system, allowing you to ‘never stop moving.’ To be precise, Slidgo X8 comes with two interchangeable batteries you can swap out in seconds and continue the journey. Each takes up to four hours to charge, and they weigh around five pounds each.

As a result, the Slidgo X8 e-scooter delivers 16 miles of range without problems. Also, you’ll be glad to hear that this model has 10-inch solid rubber tires for puncture-free and low-maintenance riding. Likewise, Slidgo X8 boasts a one-click folding mechanism and IP54 water resistance rating.

For the power, Slidgo X8 relies on an optimized 350W motor that can reach 700W in peak performance. The maximum nominal speed is 19 miles per hour, and the rear disc brake does most of the stopping.

As expected, Slidgo X8 electric scooter offers three riding modes, Eco, Beginner, and Sport. Most importantly, the X8 model comes at a reasonable price and has a cool-looking design. Thus, you’ll never regret riding through the city square on this electric scooter.


Yes, we already had a Xiaomi scooter on the list, but this Chinese brand has plenty more. As the name suggests, the Pro 2 is a top-drawer electric scooter, while 1S targets a broader clientele. Hence the more affordable price of the 1S scooter compared to the Xiaomi Pro 2 model.

The Xiaomi Mi 1S is an attention-grabbing electric scooter, ready to hit the streets and maneuver around pedestrians and cars. This mid-range scooter runs on a 250W motor and offers an 18.5-mile range. The top speed, according to Xiaomi, is 15.5 miles per hour.

Unlike the previous model on our list, Xiaomi Mi 1S has a non-removable, high-safety lithium battery. Then again, this electric scooter follows the trends by offering three riding modes: Pedestrian, Standard, and Sports. The controls are effortless and intuitive, allowing you to adjust the speed without hassle.

Like all Xiaomi electric scooters, the 1S model uses the kinetic energy recovery system (KERS). Xiaomi claims the technology is better than ever, maximizing the energy conversion and extending battery life.

The list of eye-catching features on the 1S model is extensive and includes one-button controls, a comfortable grip, an ultra-bright headlight, and several reflectors. In addition, we should add that the Xiaomi Mi 1S electric scooter rides on 8.5-inch pneumatic tires.


Since we are into returning to previously mentioned manufacturers, why not revisit our friends at Pure Electric? After all, this company offers an affordable alternative to Pure Air Pro, and they call it Pure Air Go. Moreover, this electric scooter is now in its second generation, with a price of only $349.

So, if you need quality but don’t want to spend a fortune on a scooter, this model ticks all boxes for a worthwhile investment.

Specs-wise, the Pure Air Go e-scooter runs on a dependable and durable 350W motor. As a result, you’ll get 12.4 miles of range, riding on super-comfy 10-inch puncture-resistant tires. Again, the top speed is around 15 miles per hour, with three riding modes to adjust the velocity.

Another noteworthy feature is that the second iteration of the Pure Air Go scooter has a steel frame. Even so, the scooter weighs only 13.2 pounds. The sturdy construction allows for a higher load limit, and Pure Air Go sets the bar at 264 pounds.

In conclusion, this lightweight electric scooter is a solid option for beginners and recreational riders looking. It has an IP65 waterproof rating, meaning you can ride the Pure Air Go scooter in almost any weather.


And there you have them; the best electric scooters to cut down carbon emissions and get through traffic without hassle. These models are the cream of the crop, and each will provide a top-notch riding experience on city streets.

Arguably, the beasts from Segway, Xiaomi, or Pure Electric stand out from the rest, but they also come at a higher price. So, we’ll hand the final decision over to you, hoping your chosen battery-operated vehicle will serve you for years.