Sean Woolsey Libation Station Liquor Cabinet

Sean Woolsey Libation Station–Not Your Everyday Liquor Cabinet

Gone are the days of a hidden away liquor cabinet which conceals your artful liquor collection. Sean Woolsey created a way to proudly display your libations as if they are a fine art piece. The sight of vintage looking, perfectly aligned whiskey bottles evokes a warm feeling in our gut. There is just something wrong about storing away, out of sight, your perfectly curated liquor cabinet. The Libation Station is your all around storage solution.

The Sean Woolsey Libation Station is a new liquor, wine, and all-around bar storage solution. It is designed to beautifully and efficiently store all of your libations on your wall. Imagine displaying your vintage collection–create topics of discussion for your guests. In addition, you can easily prepare drinks on the Black Walnut tray mounted on Italian drawer slides. The walnut is finished with a food-grade mineral oil with herbs and is perfect for chopping anything you wish to serve in or along with your drinks.  The Libation Station is constructed out of powder-coated, high-grade aluminum.  Additionally, the aluminum is rustproof, sturdy, and easily maintained.

The libation station liquor cabinet easily holds 20-25 bottles of liquor. Also, 20 bottles of wine can be stored in the dedicated bottle storage space. There is also space for all your other alcohol paraphernalia, such as oranges, mixology tools, etc.

Mounting is done in minutes, and installation hardware is included. Weight is approximately 42 lbs. (not including alcohol). Libation Station is 12″ deep and 36″ diameter.

Sean Woolsey Liquor Cabinet Color Options:

  • Black
  • White


  • 12 inches deep; 36 inch diameter
  • Weight: Approximately 42 pounds (excluding alcohol)
  • 20 to 25 bottles of liquor
  • Additional 20 bottles of wine in the dedicated bottle storage space

Made to order in the USA. Average lead time is 3-5 weeks. Go ahead and upgrade your libations storage.

Sean Woolsey Libation Station–Not Your Everyday Liquor Cabinet
Sean Woolsey Libation Station–Not Your Everyday Liquor Cabinet