Bourbon lover? You may want to keep an eye out for the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, a series of 5 bottles of different ages, proofs and flavors. Buffalo Trace hails from the heart of Bourbon Country, has over 200 years of whiskey history, and their original Bourbon keeps snatching up awards all over the country, winning a Double Gold Medal at the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition this year, as well as the 2017 Gold Medal at World Whisky Masters.

We need more laughter in the world--and cleanliness. Why not combine social commentary, laughter, and soap to result in the best gifts on the market. Whiskey River Soap is the perfect gift for that obnoxious co-worker, uncle, son, etc. Why waste money on a tie they won't wear or a scarf that makes her barf?  The sarcastic labels are wrapped about each unique bar of handmade soap. So you aren't getting some cheap soap that is made in China. All soaps are made in the USA--not sure about the labels though.

By now, we've seen bikes built out of just about anything; steel, carbon fiber, aircraft-grade aluminum, and even wood - that's not anything revolutionary. But there's never been a bike made out of whiskey casks before. Renovo, based out of Portland, has been pioneering the world of modern wooden bicycles, and they've just come up with the Renovo Glenmorangie Original, a gorgeous road bike made from Glenmorangie whiskey casks.

We take our whiskey pretty seriously here at Gear for Life. There's nothing more relaxing at the end of a long day, than unwinding over a tall glass of scotch and bourbon - whether neat, straight up or on the rocks. And if you’re going to be drinking good quality whiskey, then there's no disputing you ought to be drinking it in a serious quality glass. That's why we've compiled this list of some of 2017's best whiskey glasses.

Glenfiddich's original Single Malt Whisky is no doubt a classic - and definitely one of our favorites for fine sipping - but the new Glenfiddich Experimental Collection looks pretty intriguing, too. In their own words, the Experimental Collection "embodies [their] family philosophy of freedom and possibilities, to create a range of ground-breaking single malts.