Now for a limited time and only available at Huckberry, the bestselling GR1 in Coyote Brown! Act fast for 15% off while they are still available! You may think "not another backpack review." Be assured, if we review a product, there is something that sets it apart. The GoRuck GR1 is definitely set apart based on the features and durability. We've all had that backpack that failed under normal usage--and it always seems to be at a time it is needed most. Also, most of us have always wished there was just one more feature in our backpack. The GoRuck GR1 may be just the backpack with all the features you've wanted.

GoRuck seems to have moved from creating great packs to creating great clothes. Their new Simple Windbreaker is the latest addition to their line of rugged outdoor clothing. As the name implies, it is a straightforward and simple windbreaker, built to be as minimalist and streamlined as possible. It's made from their ToughDry fabric, which is extremely fast-drying and moisture-wicking for whatever weather or elements are thrown at you

There's a reason we are fans of just about anything GoRuck does: they put top effort, craftmanship and quality into every single piece of gear they make. Which is why you may find yourself spending $70 for what looks like a generic pair of gym shorts. But of course, they are anything but. The GoRuck Gym Shorts are made from ToughDry™,  94% nylon, 6% spandex mix that drys quickly, is abrasion resistant and with a two-way stretch that keeps it comfortable while staying active; it's flexible enough for weight-lifting and just about anything else you could throw at them.  A stretch waistband with drawstring keeps it comfy, and the zippered back pocket has a locking YKK zipper, keeping your belongings safe no matter how hard you're going. And lastly, they are proudly built in the USA - in Spokane, to be exact - as is all of GoRuck's stuff.