GoPro just hasn’t been at the top of their game the past couple of years. Oh sure, they’ve been putting in as much effort as usual, but with the sheer amount of drones, phones and other cameras and recording devices out there, it can be hard for anyone to compete.  Even their drone, the Karma Quadcopter, ended up being kind of a flop - and GoPro doesn't have flops. In an effort to get themselves back in the game, however, GoPro has come back with the new Hero7 Black.

GoPro’s are awesome little devices. They fit in the palm of your hand, can handle all sorts of situations, and record some seriously smooth video, turning you into your own action sports star. But there’s just one thing wrong with them – you can’t see what you’re shooting. At least, not when it’s mounted to your helmet, bike or something else. That’s why you need a monitor, like the Removu R1+.

GoPro just announced the latest incarnation of their flagship Hero line, and it looks like a worthy successor. The GoPro HERO 6 will shoot 4K video at 60 frames per second and slow-motion at 1080p (240 fps) - 10x that of a normal camera, which means you can play back your videos in ultra-slow motion without any skipping, jumping or blurriness.

There are lot different ways to shoot excellent action video, but none of them really compare to the silky-smooth motion and cinematic quality that a high-quality gimbal will give you. That’s where the GimbalCam comes in. This 4k camera looks somewhat like a GoPro, but comes with a 3-axis built-in gimbal that keeps it steady and stabilized while in motion.

Samsung just launched their newest toy, called the 360 Round. It's a spherical VR camera with 17 separate lenses that - eight stereo pairs shooting horizontally and a single lens shooting vertically - to capture what appears to be 360-degree video, in full 4k resolution. It can shoot 3d, 3d images, and even spatial audio, with the six microphones and 2 mic ports that are built in.