Bespoke Post was already a pretty neat way to get yourself some fancy fashion goods. Whether it was a new tie or a handy new EDC wallet, a Bespoke Post subscription box had something you and your wardrobe needed. But subscription boxes aren’t all they offer, and these days you can shop for virtually any piece of timeless EDC or style gear from Bespoke Post without needing to sign up for a box.

There are nice pens out there…and then there’s Inventery – based in Los Angeles, the new design center - and their Pocket Fountain Pen. This modular fountain pen is a versatile and utilitarian-minded writing tool, designed for everything from everyday office tasks to doubling as a stylus for use with your tablet or smartphone, with a look somewhere between executive ballpoint and EDC tac pen.

We are certainly no strangers to minimalist wallets of all kinds, whether leather, metal or duct tape. But when it comes to downright minimal EDC gear, the Tin Mill Passport Hardback take the cake. It’s technically not a minimalist wallet, as it is designed for stashing your passport. But we guess it could also double as a super simple wallet for a stash of cash.