We humans have always had a special connection with tools. From our earliest and most primitive days, we have found a way of making life easier and more convenient by making simple tools that went a long way towards keeping us alive and allowing us to thrive as a species. Whether its arrowheads made form chipped rock or placing metal blades on the ends of long sticks to make spears, or if it’s using two sticks to rub against each other and make fire, the point is tools are engraved in our DNA and we simply cannot do without them.

How does your EDC gear compare to this? We are always impressed with Columbia River's designs. The Columbia River Knife and Tool 5311 CRKT Pilar is no exception. The Pilar™ is a super compact everyday carry folder with distinctive minimalist design and an epic tale behind its name. It’s low profile is understated when tucked away, and carefully designed to punch above its weight when in use. Where minimal design meets maximum utility.

Wallets are one of those everyday items that most of us never give much though too - and you're probably carrying around the cheapest pleather wallet you can find who knows how long ago. Thankfully, you won't have to; we've done all the thinking for you, and compiled a guide of the 10 best EDC wallets for this summer.

Looking for an easy, all-in-one way to carry your iPad and all its essentials accessories all day? This iPad EDC Kit from Cargo Works is made from a 900D polyester canvas, and is sized to hold Ipads and other, similar tablets. It features storage for everything from pens and pencils to chargers and even your cell phone, and there are four additional stash pockets for everything else you need. MOLLE webbing on the outside allows for extra modularity and room to add on other items, or attach it to a larger bag with complementary MOLLE webbing. There’s even an option for a removable shoulder strap for slinging it over your shoulder on the go. YKK zippers add strength and reliability.