Danner is a trusted bootmaker, whether for their work boots, stylish footwear or military combat boots. Their newest line, the Danner Portland Select Boots, are built-in-the-USA and made to be versatile for any weather the winter throws your way. With four different models - the Danner Light, Danner Ridge, Mountain Light and Mountain Pass, there is an option for every situation you may be faced with.

When it comes to work boots, few makers have the same claim to fame as Redwing. They've been making tough-as-nails workboots in Red Wing, Minnestoa since 1905, turning out footwear tough enough for the demanding work of loggers, farmers and miners. Over 110 years later, and they're still crafting the Redwing Heritage originals, largely unchanged from their original design, and luckily for us, they look just as good out on the town or shoveling snow as they do on a lumberjack's feet.